Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Books By F W Boreham

Press Release: 23 September 2006

A new book is being compiled containing the best stories told by the story telling preacher F W Boreham.

Supreme Story Teller
F W Boreham was one of the great preachers of the twentieth century who became known internationally through his best selling fifty-five books of essays and sermons.

He was introduced to a conference of ministers with these words:
“His name is on all our lips.
His books are on all our shelves and
His illustrations are in all our sermons.”

Although F W Boreham died in 1959 his books (many of which are out of print) are eagerly sought by collectors and readers.

The forthcoming book, The Best Stories of F W Boreham, is intended to make Boreham writings more available by publishing the best of the stories told by this master story teller.

Importance of Stories
In his retirement F W Boreham wrote these pertinent words (which apply to all forms of communication):

“I would, if I could only muster up the courage to say a word to preachers before laying down my pen.”

“Is there any better way of preaching than by storytelling? Indeed, is there any other way of preaching?”

“As soon as the terminology of the pulpit becomes technical and abstract, the tired mind declines to follow. Only so long as a picture is being painted or a story told will the hearers maintain an eager pursuit.”

“And, after all, has not the preacher been called to the service of the Most Sublime Story Teller of all the Ages?”

New Publishing Initiative
Michael Dalton (USA) and Geoff Pound (UAE) have teamed up to establish John Broadbanks Publishing. Both enthusiasts of the writings of Boreham their dismay at the general unavailability of these writings due to their being out of print has led to this exciting decision.

Their first goal is the republication of F W Boreham’s The Man Who Saved Gandhi which will be given the new title Lover of Life: F W Boreham’s Tribute to His Mentor. It is hope this book will be available by the end of 2006. Further information has been posted and will be added to the following site F W Boreham On Mentoring.

Further Books Planned
The vision also involves repackaging some of the Boreham essays and sermons into two new books, The Best Essays of F W Boreham and The Best Stories of F W Boreham.

It is hoped these books will emerge in 2007.

Your Opportunity to Invest and Support
Michael and Geoff are grateful to have the permission of Whitley College which has held the copyright to Boreham books since this was passed over by the Boreham family in 1996. A proportion of any profits arising from this new publishing venture will continue to be donated to Whitley College for the training of pastors and missionaries, two ministries that were dear to the heart of F W Boreham.

As this is a ‘self-publishing’ activity donations are being sought to assist in the seeding of this venture.

If you would like to invest in this exciting project you can donate money by writing your check, payable to ‘Michael Dalton’ and send to:

Michael Dalton
2163 Fern Street
Eureka, CA 95503

Do write to Michael for details if an electronic transfer would be better for you.

Your Opportunity to Recommend
The selection process of the best essays and stories is happening now. If you would like to put in a recommendation for a favorite essay or a story to be included in the new books do write to Geoff Pound Please note, a recommendation does not automatically ensure inclusion!

More Information?
If you desire more information or if you would like to register your interest in purchasing these books do write to
Michael Dalton at or
Geoff Pound at

Geoff Pound
Michael Dalton